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Welcome to I Just Finished Work

The one stop place for you to be after finishing work. 

Work is described as an activity in which one exerts strength or faculties to do or perform something, and here we know that after all of that activity, you want to have a space where you can unwind after a busy day. Whether it's listening to the I Just Finished Work Podcast, enjoying some exercise, or wanting to discover something new, you can find all of that here.

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Hi I'm Riché and I'd like to welcome you to I Just Finished Work!

I'm an HR professional who started the I Just Finished Work podcast back in early 2020 as a hobby. Later, I decided to create a platform to include a variety of activities for you to indulge yourself in once you finished work.

I hope you enjoy this space as much as I do! This is a community so feel free to connect using the Let's Continue The Conversation panel below.

I look forward to seeing you after you've finished work!


Join me as I discuss different topics. Whether it's on travel, crime or business, come and join the conversation!


Simply put, Well-being is the state of having good mental health, having the ability to manage stress, a sense of meaning or purpose and having high life satisfaction. All these things are important and an integral part of your personal wellness.


We love discovering new foods, games, travel destinations and so much more, so why not share them here?! All you need to do is #ijustfinishedwork on Instagram, or use the form on the Let’s Chat page.


Topics which I may not talk about on the podcast, you can find here.


Birthday? Christmas? Mothers or Fathers Day? Or want something for yourself? No matter what the occasion is, we have items and ideas here.


Have a suggestion for a topic you would like me to discuss on the podcast? Or perhaps would like to work with me? Then use the Contact Form here!

Podcast Episode:

Jeannie Mai and the art of waiting for the man you want before having a baby.

—   @whatischarniebdoing

''I couldn’t believe it when I watched it!''


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