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Thinking of ideas on how to celebrate your birthday isn’t something that comes easy to everyone (myself included!) So I’ve decided to bring some ideas here to help you with your celebrations!

If you have some ideas you would like to share in order to help others, then use the Contact Me form on the Let’s Chat Page and I’ll make sure to add them and will give you credit!


1. ​Make a list of new things to do according to your age

This year I turned 30 in September, and an idea I had was to do ‘30 new things in 30 days for my 30th’. It was a really exciting way to celebrate for the whole month. It’s also a way to be able to celebrate by yourself because not all of us have friends who will help us celebrate for a month straight. You can choose anything you want. Some of the things I did were:

  • Visited Edinburgh

  • Ordered and drank my first beer

  • Had my first domestic flight

  • Went to a Romanian restaurant

  • For 3 consecutive nights I went to a comedy show

  • Visited Harry Potter studios

  • Had a costume party

  • Visited V&A museum

And because I wanted to, I continued this into October when I got acrylic nails done for the first time!

2. Have a games night

I love a good games night, but they don’t happen too often. Planning a night, or day, filled with your favourite games is a great source of entertainment for all your guests! It can be any types of games, from board games to video games. Even a drinking game! Provide some good food and have all your guests bring a bottle and you’ve got there an amazing games night.

3. Have a themed party

So as I mentioned above, I turned 30 this year, and decided one of the new things I would do is throw myself a themed birthday party. What was the theme? Disney!! Now I’m not saying you should do Disney, but find a theme you like and commit to it!!

Here is what I did for my party to give you some inspiration for yours:

1. Mine was a girls night. The male friends I have I just knew they wouldn’t commit and come in costume, so I thought why bother! haha

2. Everyone had to come as a different Disney character. Months before I created a WhatsApp group with all those who were coming and asked them to tell me privately what character they were coming as. I would then let the rest of the guests know that, for example, Pocahontas would be in attendance.

3. For decoration I did lean more towards an Alice in Wonderland type theme. As you entered the house I had a shimmer tinsel foil cover in the porch, with an arrow next to it pointing inside the house welcoming them down the rabbit hole.

4. As you entered the house, there was a giant size Disney Princess Castle 3D Window Wall Sticker. To avoid sticking it directly onto the wall, I used cello tap so I could easily remove it later.

5. I had bought some Alice in Wonderland Party Vintage style arrow signs, and placed them around the house.



1. Disney Playlist Game

Guests were split into 3 teams with equal players. I played up to 10 Disney songs and they had to write down the name of the song and the movie it features in. A team could score double points if the character who was related to the song stood up and started singing the song.

2. Hidden Mickey

Approximately 10 paper Mickey Mouses were hidden in the house. On the back of each mickey was written a character’s name, time limit and a task. At the same time, everyone went round looking for the mickey’s. A point went to all the players who successfully completed their task. If someone found the mickey with their own character on there, they could score double points for completing the task. Some of the tasks included singing the first verse of ‘a Whole New World’, spelling Hakuna Matata backwards in 20 seconds, and telling Cinderella the names of her stepsisters.

3. Disney Deep Diving

Guests were split into 2 teams and stood at either side of a table. In the middle of this table was a bucket filled with soapy water. Also, inside the bucket were 5 items related to Disney. I read out a clue which related to one of the items within the bucket, and then 2 characters, one from both teams, had to put their hand in the bucket and locate and pull out the correct item which was associated with the clue. The first one to retrieve the item won the point for their team!

So there you have it! My Disney themed birthday party, an evening of fun activities and of course music. I hope it pushes your creative side when it comes to you planning your own party, or even someone else’s!

4. Have a Cake Swap

So honestly speaking, this is not something I have tried but I have heard about it quite a few times. Each of your guests bring their favourite cake and you all try each other's treats. Make sure you have a lot of water ready as your sugar levels will be going through the roof, but it is your birthday, so is there any such thing as too much cake?

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